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1 . Madan is taller than Shyam, who is shorter than Rohit. Vipin is taller than Akash. Ahmed is shorter than Vivek. Neither Vipin nor Vivek is the tallest. If Rohit is standing second in decreasing order of height, who will stand in the middle in the group of these seven persons?
[ A ]    Vipin [ B ]    Vipin or Vivek
[ C ]    Ahmed [ D ]    Can not be determined right
Answer : Option D
Explanation :
Shyam is shorter than Madan as well as Rohit. In the other group, Vipin and Vivek are taller than Akash and Ahmed respectively. Now if Rohit or Vipin or Vivek do not occupy the first position it means it is Madan who is the tallest. Second is of course, Rohit. Beyond this we can’t proceed with certainty.
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