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Verbal Reasoning :: RAA Quiz 6
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1 . In a queue of children, Kashish is fifth from the left and Mona is sixth from the right. When they interchange their places among themselves, Kashish becomes thirteenth from the left. Then, what will be Mona’s position from the right ?
[ A ]    4th [ B ]    8th
[ C ]    14th right [ D ]    15th
Answer : Option C
Explanation :
Since, Kashish and Mona interchange places, so Kashish’s new position (13th from left) is the same as Mona’s earlier position (6th from right).
So, number of children in the queue = (12 + 1 + 5) = 18.
Now, Mona’s new position is the same as Kashish’s earlier position i.e., fifth from left.
Mona’s position from the right = 18-4 = 14th.
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