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Verbal Reasoning :: Puz Quiz 2
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1 . When did T work overtime?
[ A ]    On the day previous to that on which S worked overtime [ B ]    On the next day of the day on which Q worked overtime right
[ C ]    Two days after the day on which S worked overtime [ D ]    Cannot be determined
Answer : Option B
Explanation :
From the clues (i), (iii), (iv) (v) and (vi) we get three possible arrangements for Monday to Saturday. These arrangements are as follows:
1. R, Holiday, Q, T, S, P
2. T, S, P, R, Holiday, Q
3. S, P, R, Holiday, Q, T
Reject the possibilities 1 and 2 because of clue (ii). Hence, the arrangement 3 is the correct one. Thus, we get

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