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Description: Free Online Test questions and answers on Ranking and Arrangement with explanation for various competitive exams,entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer test 9


"Actions speak louder than words."
- (Proverb)
1 . 14 students are standing in a row from left to right. After interchanging their positions, first student goes at 14th place, 2nd goes at 13th place, 3rd goes at 12th and so on. If Ravindra was at sixth position before change, then after changing he would be at which place?
A.  Tenth from left B.    Ninth from right
C.  Fifth from left D.    Sixth from right
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2 . In a row of boys standing from left to right facing North, Mohan is tenth from the left but when shifted to his right by five places, he becomes third to the left of Ashok, who is fourteenth from right. How many boys are standing in the row?
A.  32 B.    30
C.  31 D.    Data inadequate
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